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Dental Cleanings
Dentist Fort Worth

Smiling HomeTown Dental patient talking to the dentist during dental cleaning.Playing an essential role to ensure good oral health, a dental cleaning is the elimination of plaque from the teeth to help avoid cavities and other dental-related diseases. Generally, people can keep their teeth clean by practicing good dental hygiene, but sometimes, some deposits are hardened around the teeth. This hardened buildup can only be eliminated through dental cleanings. HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore) offers dental cleanings to help you guarantee healthy teeth.

What is a Dental Cleaning?

A professional dental cleaning is a dental process for removing hardened plaque or tartar that has deposited over time. These deposits can happen even when we are meticulous with our brushing and flossing, mostly in corners that are difficult to reach during tooth brushing. Before a dental cleaning is done, an exam and physical assessment of your entire mouth is carried out. This helps to determine the type of dental cleaning that would be appropriate for you.

Prophylaxis Cleaning

This is a routine cleaning done for healthy patients. Patients do this cleaning to make sure they maintain great oral health. Basically, it involves the removal of plaque from the teeth. If there are solid plaques (otherwise known as calculus), prophylaxis cleaning helps to get rid of them. This process allows for the removal of surface stains on the teeth. It is a great dental procedure, but it should not be done on damaged teeth. Prophylaxis is recommended once in every six months to help keep plaque from building up.

Scaling and Root Planing

This process is also known as deep cleaning. It is not surgical, although it is more invasive. It is done to treat gum diseases before they escalate. When plaque gathers and hardens into calculus, it could cause gum disease. This procedure is meant to remove calculus building up between your gums and your teeth roots. You may need deep cleaning if your gums are puffy and they bleed when you floss.

Periodontal Maintenance

After undergoing deep cleaning, general prophylaxis would probably not be enough. Our professionals recommend periodontal maintenance therapy for patients who have undergone scaling. This therapy is a follow-up dental cleaning to help ensure that gum disease is kept away. It safeguards your gums by significantly reducing the growth of bacteria. This maintenance therapy is scheduled every three to four months.


This cleaning is prescribed for people who have not had a cleaning in a year or longer. Debridement is not a cleaning. If you have not been to a dentist for that long, chances are that plaque has built up significantly. Debridement is the procedure to remove that buildup, so that our team can access your gum and teeth condition.

Benefits of Cleanings

Apart from keeping your smile in top condition, dental cleanings help ensure that cavities and tooth decay is prevented. Bacteria are kept away, reducing chances of gum disease and eventual tooth loss. Eliminating bacteria also means that your breath is fresher, and your smile is bright and confident. Moreover, you will be saving a significant amount money, as you would not need to have expensive procedures that arise from neglecting dental cleanings. At HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore), our patients get the best oral care, so please call us today at (682) 204-5717 to learn more.

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HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore), TX offers dental cleanings to help you guarantee healthy teeth. Call to schedule an appointment with us today!
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