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Dental Veneers
Fort Worth, TX

Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on tooth at HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore) in Fort Worth, TXWhile many of us have been told to never judge a book by its cover, first impressions do still matter. For many people, their smile is one of the first things we notice about them. Sometimes, though, your smile is threatened when your teeth are either broken, not straight, chipped, or not as white as you want it to be. To help fix these cosmetic concerns, veneers may be a great option for the brilliant smile you desire. At HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore), we would more than happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

What are Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells that are attached to the exterior of your teeth to permanently hide the actual look of your teeth. Dental veneers are made of either composite resin or porcelain, and they are always custom made for each patient. A veneer could be made for just one tooth, as well as a bunch of teeth. When patients do not respond well to teeth whitening or braces, veneers are a fantastic long-term solution for them.

Types of Veneers

Veneers are made to look like real teeth. This means that veneers could be either porcelain or made of composite resin. A porcelain veneer is a hard, thin shell that we place on your teeth’s exterior. A particular amount will have to be detached when fixing porcelain veneers. When fixed, they present the same color as natural teeth, blending in easily. They can also be easily whitened to your choice.

Composite resin veneers bear similarities to porcelain veneers. They are not as expensive as porcelain veneers and your enamel might not have to be removed for a placement. You could easily get it done in one appointment, as well. Resin-based veneers are also less stressful to change when damaged.

What is a Typical Veneer Placement Process Like?

If you are deciding to get veneers, you should make an appointment with us to go over suitable options for you. The current situation of your teeth might mean that you should get braces before the veneer placement. We would assess your teeth via x-rays, checking for signs of decay or disease.

Next, we take sizes for your teeth. These molds are used to take impressions for accuracy, then are taken to the lab to generate your veneers. This typically takes less than a week. Once the veneers are ready, your teeth will be cleaned to keep bacteria from breeding under the veneer. Then we will place your veneer. Anesthesia may be applied if you have sensitive teeth.

After Placement Care

Recovery is not long with veneers. Once the veneers are placed, you should be able to chew and eat normally. Normal oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, will help remove rough spots left from the placement. Depending on the type of veneers, they should last several years as long as you take precautions to not damage them. Do not wear them out by chewing on hard objects (such as using your teeth to rip and open stuff, crunching ice, or chewing on pen lids). If you play contact sports, always use a mouthguard.

Veneers are great options to easily brighten and transform your smile. You can stop worrying about the chips, cosmetic flaws, and bad alignment of your teeth. Since dental enamel cannot regenerate itself, your damaged enamel can be replaced with veneers. To learn more, please call us at HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore) at today.

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Veneers are great options to easily brighten and transform your smile. At HomeTown Dental, we would more than happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams! Call us today!
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