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Multiple Tooth Implant
Fort Worth, TX

Group of older women with dental implants from HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore) in Fort Worth, TXNo matter your age, dental implants are a brilliant option for replacing missing or damaged teeth permanently. As it turns out in most cases, if you are healthy enough to get a tooth extracted, you can get an implant surgically placed. There are certain exceptions, however, that could hamper your candidacy for getting dental implants such as diabetes, low bone density, and some underlying medical issues.

While some people consider this a cosmetic dentistry option, others may have to go through the surgery to secure their remaining natural teeth and prevent further decay. A multiple tooth implant also helps rebuild strength and bone density in the jawbone when patients have undergone severe bone deterioration due to oral issues.

If you are facing difficulties eating, speaking, or smiling due to missing teeth, chances are that you might be a candidate for a multiple tooth implant. At HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore), we assess our patient’s situation thoroughly before advising them on the best treatments for their dental restoration.

How a Multiple Tooth Implant Replaces Teeth

The process for a multiple tooth implant is similar to getting a single tooth implant with a few minor exceptions. Implants are typically placed inside your jawbone using surgical equipment and serve as a foundation for restorations that will replace the missing teeth. Once they have fused with the bone in a process called osseointegration, a dental surgeon will then use abutments to anchor down the bridge.

The time taken by implants to osseointegrate with the bone can last up to a few months for some patients as they proceed with their everyday lives in between appointments. The healing process varies for every patient depending on their oral and general health. For most people, the entire process can take anywhere between a few weeks to eight months.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

Implant dentistry is an invasive treatment but that’s not the only challenge patients have to face. Ideally, a patient who wants to replace one or more teeth is the right candidate for dental implants as long as they are in good oral health and have sufficient bone density. As the implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, having good gum and bone health is imperative for a successful treatment.

If a patient has undergone severe bone deterioration due to missing teeth, a dental surgeon may recommend getting a bone graft. However, if there is a chance for further compilations due to underlying medical conditions, or if a patient has alcohol and tobacco dependence, they may not get cleared for an implant-supported restoration.

Cost and Financial Options

Costs can vary for an implant-supported restoration on multiple teeth depending on the specific case and geographic region. As with most surgical procedures, the cost can vary dramatically depending on the severity of restoration needed and other health factors.

Missing one or more teeth can have a negative implant on not just the oral health and appearance of a person, but also their general health. If you’ve considered putting a stop to the issues arising from missing teeth, visit us at HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore) to get further clarification on which restorative procedures will apply to your case. You can also call us at (682) 204-5717 to get your questions answered or to book an appointment over the phone.

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