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Single Tooth Implant
Fort Worth, TX

Group of older women with dental implants from HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore) in Fort Worth, TXYou may have heard of dental implant technology, the preferred method for replacing a single missing tooth. A dental implant replaces a lost tooth with an artificial root that mimics all of the same functions of a natural root, meaning that it generates feedback while chewing and stimulates the underlying bone for long-term jaw health. Single tooth implants are the most popular type of dental implants that we place here at HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore), as they allow you to replace each missing tooth with a dental implant.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants are many. They provide you with a new set of teeth, restoring your bite force and allowing you to chew and eat your favorite foods again, with no pain, discomfort, or favoring one side of your mouth where you may have been missing teeth. Having a new set of teeth restores your confidence and allows you to speak clearly and smile once again. Dental implants are easy to clean and maintain. There are no special cleaners, adhesives, or cleaning routines to adhere to. You simply brush and floss your teeth twice daily as you would with your natural set of teeth. With dental implants, after your dental surgery is complete, there are no excessive dental appointments or maintenance needed. Dental implants are permanent and have up to a 98 percent success rate!

Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order to be a candidate for dental implants, you must have good oral health, as well as overall health. We will perform a dental exam and review your entire medical history. In general, as long as you are healthy and do not have any underlying medical conditions which would prevent you from undergoing oral surgery or interfere with your healing process, you should be able to get dental implants.

Implant Surgery Preparation

Before scheduling you for implant surgery we will need to examine your oral cavity and collect digital images of your bone and soft tissue structure.

What if I’m Not a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Upon looking at the digital images and examining your oral cavity, we may discover that your bone structure is not currently able to support dental implants. If this is the case, we will need to modify the bone structure first. We can do this by providing sinus augmentation or ridge modification. A sinus augmentation is a procedure in which we lift the sinus floor in order to develop additional bone tissue in your upper jaw. Ridge modification is a procedure which allows us to fill in any bone defects with natural bone tissue or an artificial bone material.

People that smoke may not be good candidates for dental implant surgery. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict, causing less blood flow and less oxygen, both of which promotes healing. Smoking also increases bacteria in your mouth, which could cause an infection around the implant site. People that smoke are encouraged to quit if they would like to get dental implants.

For more information on dental implants - single tooth implants or multiple tooth implants - give HomeTown Dental, Fort Worth (Sycamore) a call at (682) 204-5717 to make an appointment with us today so we can start discussing your tooth replacement.

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